Who is Richard L Koenig?

i am a malaysian

*‘ILLITERACY – The tool of choice for white-collar criminals’ by Richard L Koenig
* Richard L Koenig: The Battle Continues  

*Richard L Koenig – I Got Better
*Interview: Richard Koenig with Bill Windsor of Lawless America
*Love Letters to the Children: Richard Koenig to Bill Windsor of Lawless America
*Richard L. Koenig: No wonder Hillary is so hyper! – The Real Deal about the Ranch Lands  

By CopBlock, February 16, 2012

One of Oregon’s top political prisoners because he knows too much and has the proof and evidence of crimes being committed by top state officials. This man has a story you won’t believe if he stays alive long enough to tell it.

After 17 years of investigative research on the issues of liberty of locomotion, Mr. Koenig is the first and only one to ever connect all the dots exposing corruption…

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