The Bergdahl Boondoggle

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Originally published in Yahoo! Voices

obama-bergdahl-remarks-20140531-001A boondoggle is defined as work or activity that is wasteful or pointless but gives the appearance of having value. Such it is with Bowe Bergdahl.The White House would have you believe that one of ours was captured, held against his will and mistreated for five years by the Taliban, and that the president lived up to the sacred motto of “no man left behind” by rescuing a hero, thus giving the appearance of value. The wasteful part is the loss of six lives searching for a soldier who left of his own free will.

There are many oddities. According to Fox News, Bergdahl’s team leader, former Army Sgt. Evan Buetow, Bergdahl asked for help mailing his computer and belongings home, and asked what would happen to him if his military gear turned up missing. Bergdahl left his rifle, helmet, body armor, and web…

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By Daniel Greenfield

“The average reporter we talk to is 27 years old, and their only reporting experience consists of being around political campaigns,” Ben Rhodes gloated. “That’s a sea change. They literally know nothing.”

Rhodes, the White House’s “Obama whisperer”, was explaining how he had pulled the wool over the media’s eyes on the Iran Deal to a journalist. The media responded to the story by attacking the journalist who reported it, not Rhodes for viewing them as easily manipulated useful idiots.

The media knew that it knew nothing. And it didn’t care. It just didn’t want outsiders to know it.

What ties together the debate about Russian collusion, fake news and Fusion GPS is the implosion of the media. What were the professional reporters doing while Rhodes was manipulating the 27-year-olds? They were working at places like Fusion GPS and ‘story laundering’ narratives to the kiddies.

The media…

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Big Pharma’s total corruption and control over U.S. lawmakers now being exposed by the global news media

i am a malaysian


Is it possible that mainstream journalists have rediscovered their integrity and desire to tell the truth? Have the increasingly urgent cries of “fake news!” caused some to find and dust off their consciences? It certainly seems that at least some have been less reluctant to do their jobs recently. The New York Times willingness to finally reveal the predatory control Harvey Weinstein maintained over young Hollywood actresses for decades, despite the mainstream media’s stubborn insistence on shielding celebrities in recent years, is one example of how the tide seems to be turning.

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La David Betrayed Fellow Soldiers

If true, it would answer the question of why Frederica Wilson would get involved and cause the distraction of Trump’s phone call. Another Bergdahl?

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Woman Sentenced To Five Years For False Rape Claim


_98395235_mediaitem98395234Rebecca Palmer, 26, has gone from scorn to “stir” in a false rape case.  The English woman had consensual sex with a twenty-two year old soldier based in Tidworth but he later “rejected her.”  She proceeded to develop an elaborate false record to accuse him of rape.  The police fortunately were able to find clues that the record was manufactured and arrested Palmer.  She is now looking at a five year sentence.

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Who is Richard L Koenig?

i am a malaysian

*‘ILLITERACY – The tool of choice for white-collar criminals’ by Richard L Koenig
* Richard L Koenig: The Battle Continues  

*Richard L Koenig – I Got Better
*Interview: Richard Koenig with Bill Windsor of Lawless America
*Love Letters to the Children: Richard Koenig to Bill Windsor of Lawless America
*Richard L. Koenig: No wonder Hillary is so hyper! – The Real Deal about the Ranch Lands  

By CopBlock, February 16, 2012

One of Oregon’s top political prisoners because he knows too much and has the proof and evidence of crimes being committed by top state officials. This man has a story you won’t believe if he stays alive long enough to tell it.

After 17 years of investigative research on the issues of liberty of locomotion, Mr. Koenig is the first and only one to ever connect all the dots exposing corruption…

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How Worship of the American Flag Changed Everything

The Centrality and Supremacy of Jesus Christ

This fourth of July will be significant for me in several ways. It was this week seven years ago that my personal journey of discovery into a flag-less Kingdom of Christ collided with the religious powers of Christendom.What unfolded was the result of a patriotic service that would not soon be forgotten.

I grew up a Southern Baptist and served in three churches as student pastor in Texas. In the last few years leading up to my departure from vocational ministry in the Baptist church, I had been slowly embracing Anabaptism—a vision of a non-violent, love-doesn’t-stop-at-the border sort of Jesus.

In fact, I had just spent weeks teaching over the Sermon on the Mount to our youth, college students, and adult companions in our ministry. And then came the annual fourth of July service.

While I was a bit more willing to prophetically clear the temple in those days…

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Maxime Waters: “Impeachment Is . . . Whatever The Congress Says It Is”


1024px-Congresswoman_Waters_official_photoRep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) has become an icon for the left in her unrelenting calls for impeachment of President Donald Trump and tapping into the blind rage across the country.  That appeal to the base however took a worrisome turn this week as Waters rallied supporters around the assurance that impeachment is anything they want to say it is.  As I stated recently to the Rolling Stones, this view was made popular by Gerald Ford and has been uniformly condemned by constitutional experts.  Waters is dismissing the constitutional obligation to find “high crimes and misdemeanors” in assuring supporters that they can simply get rid of Trump on a muscle vote.  Political convenience has long been the enemy of constitutional principle, but this effort is highly dangerous for our country as a whole.  We are living in an age of rage and Waters’ approach would create an channel to direct…

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Meryl Streep throws tantrum over Lagerfeld Oscar dress misunderstanding

Streep demands an apology from Karl Lagerfeld over Oscar dress misunderstanding.


Taking a cue from her character in “The Devil Wears Prada,” Meyrl Streep condescendingly demands an apology from couture legend, #Karl Lagerfeld for an apparent misunderstanding over the dress she is to wear to the Oscars ceremony Sunday. In her best Miranda Priestly fashion, Streep publicly criticized the head designer and creative director of the Chanel fashion house because he claimed she had backed out of plans to wear his designer gown on Hollywood’s biggest night. It seems Lagerfeld received information that Streep wanted to cancel the order due to the fact that another fashion house had offered to pay her to wear their #Oscar dress.

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Spicer: Assertion Media Outlets Were Banned Is ‘Completely Ridiculous’

In an interview aired on Saturday’s broadcast of Fox News Channel’s “Justice,” White House press secretary Sean Spicer discussing the claim by The New York Times that some of their journalists and others were banned from attending his daily briefing.

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